A Matter of Time: Where to find Osiris in Destiny 2

Learn where to find Osiris for the A Matter of Time quest in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn so you can claim your Lantern of Osiris.

Season of the Dawn is now in full swing for Destiny 2, and if you’re looking to get started on upgrading your Lantern of Osiris, you’ll first need to find and speak to the main man himself. What to know where to find Osiris for the A Matter of Time quest in Destiny 2? As it happens you’re just in the nick of time, because we’ve put together a guide for exactly that.

A Matter of Time: Where to find Osiris in Destiny 2

A matter of time: where to find Osiris in Destiny 2
You can find Osiris by his Sundial in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. 
© Bungie

To kick off the new A Matter of Time quest and start your path to find Osiris, you need to visit Ikora in the Tower’s Bazaar area. Speak with her and you’ll get some fine congratulations and be set on your path for the new quest. This time around it’s the Red Legion causing trouble, and Osiris has been sent off to Mercury. Guess what? You’re off to meet up with him.

To find Osiris for A Matter in Time, head to Disturbance on the Mercury map. From here, head straight on and take our the small number of enemies ahead until you reach the massive Sundial structure. You’ll find Osiris chilling at the bottom of the Sundial, and he’ll provide you with the next stage in the quest: collecting 50 Sundial Components.

How to get the Lantern of Osiris

How to get the Lantern of Osiris in Destiny 2
Get the Lantern of Osiris by helping out the man who made it in Destiny 2's Season of Dawn.
© Bungie

Completing Osiris’ request is the next step toward obtaining the Lantern of Osiris. This being Destiny, collecting Sundial Components is of course managed by killing enemies. You’ll need to use a Solar weapon and sub-class, then take out Cabal enemies in Sorik’s Cut. Each one should drop three Sundial Components so it won’t take you long at all to wrap this one up.

With all your Sundial Components in hand, head over to the Tangled Shore Obelisk at the travel point to the south. You’ll next need to defeat a bunch of enemies using Super and abilities, gathering up Orbs of Light. Finish this off and return to Osiris at the Sundial and you’ll be given your final task: completing the Sundial arena multiplayer mode. It’s PvE, so work with your team to score points and face the final boss. With that bested, claim your reward before returning to Osiris’ location to get the Lantern of Osiris, the Season of Dawn’s upgradeable item.

Now that you know where to find Osiris and how to get the Lantern of Osiris in Destiny 2, you’re ready to crack on with the fresh Season of Dawn of content. Good luck out there Guardian!

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