Gleamlight announced for Switch in 2020

Explore a unique, stained glass world without the help of a UI.

During the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, several new games were shown for Switch including Gleamlight. Scheduled to release in 2020, Gleamlight is a 2D side-scroller that shakes things up by removing the UI.

Gleamlight announced for Switch in 2020

Gleamlight announced for Switch in 2020
A new indie side-scroller, Gleamlight, is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Gleamlight is a platformer developed by DICO that's scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch in 2020. It aims to be different by removing things like the UI, while also offering an artistic world that the developer describes as looking like stained glass. Ahead of the trailer, Hidekazu Nakajima touched upon some of the unique properties of Gleamlight.

"Gleamlight is an original game that tells a quiet and mysterious story in an artistic world with a stained-glass motif. In a world such as this, the player becomes a single sword. With the help of children, fights against powerful enemies to uncover the mysteries of the world."  

While this doesn't offer a lot in the way of understanding the story, characters, and world you explore, it does sound enticing. Indie games often use 2D side-scrollers as a way to tell engrossing stories as found in games like Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, so we're eager to learn more about the stained glass world of Gleamlight.

As noted above, it's confirmed that Gleamlight won't offer a UI but will "adapt to the player's actions" instead. This story is still developing, so be sure to check back as additional information on Gleamlight becomes available. Until then, what do you think of the game? Are you interested in playing it when it comes out in 2020? Comment below! 

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