Feast your eyes on the top 5 tastiest food games

Not only do these games revolve around food, they'll leave you hungry for more!

Personal Trainer: Cooking (Nintendo DS)

Personal Trainer: Cooking offered real-life recipes to help you learn how to make tasty meals.
Personal Trainer: Cooking offered real-life recipes to help you learn how to make tasty meals.
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All of these cooking games are fun, but are there any that actually teach you how to cook? Well, there’s at least one! While we’ve included games on this list that have released relatively recently, Personal Trainer: Cooking is older, having released on Nintendo DS back in 2006. Despite its age and somewhat dated feel, Personal Trainer: Cooking is worth adding to your DS collection (if you still have one).

You can also pick up a used copy along with a Nintendo DS at a relatively cheap price. What’s commendable about Personal Trainer: Cooking is how unique it is, as all of the recipes included in the game are real. Yes, you can take the skills and recipes from Personal Trainer: Cooking and apply them to real life. If you’re a gamer that aspires to be a better chef, you can’t go wrong with Personal Trainer: Cooking.

You could Google recipes online, but you run the risk of having to read through someone’s blog before you get to the steps, and we all know how annoying that can be. In the future, we hope a similar game to Personal Trainer: Cooking releases on a system like the Nintendo Switch as it’d foster a whole new generation of cooking lovers.

Either way, we have to give kudos to Personal Trainer: Cooking... it helped us make a wonderful lasagna!

After looking over our list of tasty food games, we’re eager to hear your feedback. Do you agree with our picks, or did we miss a food game that belongs more than some of our other choices? Sound off in the comments below!

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