Feast your eyes on the top 5 tastiest food games

Not only do these games revolve around food, they'll leave you hungry for more!

Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade lets you harvest ingredients from monster battles.
Battle Chef Brigade lets you harvest ingredients from monster battles.
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Battle Chef Brigade is one of the more “unique” titles on this list, offering RPG elements alongside gameplay often found in cooking sims. Rather than cook everyday items like sandwiches and steak, your culinary expertise will be used to whip up a batch of exotic, monster-filled treats.

Yes, the monsters you fight in Battle Chef Brigade provide ingredients which you’ll then use to make meals while competing in tournaments against other chefs. Crazy, right? We think so!

Battle Chef Brigade is a game that didn’t get nearly enough love when it released back in 2017. It’s one that expertly blends genres together, all while offering a rewarding story about following your culinary dreams. If you’ve never heard of Battle Chef Brigade, or know of it but never considered buying it, take our word for it… this is a game you don’t want to pass up.

Whether you want a food game, a cooking game, or something with a little bit of everything, Battle Chef Brigade has a little something for everyone!

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