All Operation Shattered Web Hidden Coin locations in CS:GO

Look to bag the Hidden Coins and outscore your friends in Operation Shattered Web's new missions? We can help.

In Operation Shattered Web, Counter Strike: Global Offensive got its first update in a long, long time. If you’ve picked up the pass you’ll have access to several challenges including a new Strike mission that sees you head into an underground base to secure a dangerous sample. As with previous missions there are three hidden coins to find during the mission that’ll bag you extra points. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will point out where to find all the Operation Shattered Web Hidden Coin locations for each mission as they’re released.

All Operation Shattered Web Hidden Coin locations in CS:GO

All Operation Shattered Web Hidden Coin locations in CS:GO
There are three Hidden Coins to find in each Operation Shattered Web Strike mission.
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Collecting all three Hidden Coins on each Operation Shattered Web Strike mission will net you extra score for the mission. It won’t grant any bonus rewards, so they’re basically just there for bragging rights, but it’s still good fun tracking them all down anyway. If you want to outshine your friends, you can find all the Hidden Coin locations from the Shattered Web missions below.

Week 1 Hidden Coins: Retrieve the sample

Hidden Coin #1:

The first Hidden coin from this mission can be grabbed right after you’re attacked by several knife-wielding maniacs in the dark. Once you’ve put these inmates to bed, check the walls of the room and you’ll find that all of the cell doors have opened except one. After the fight and dialogue finishes you’ll be able to open this door, discovering a tunnel out from the back of the cell. The Hidden Coin is contained within it.

Hidden Coin #2:

Hidden Coin 2 Operation Shattered Web coop mission CSGO
The second Hidden Coin is on the cliffs after climbing the ladder out from the facility.
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The second Hidden Coin is collectible once you climb the ladder to the surface. Felix will start chatting to you again here and you’ll spot a few baddies up at a house on the hill. Take out the snipers from afar, then make your way to the cliff edge instead of the house. You’ll see the Hidden Coin on a perilous outcrop of rock over the edge of the cliff, so walk down there and collect it.

Hidden Coin #3:

Hidden Coin 3 location Operation Shattered Web CSGO week 1
The third Hidden Coin is found up this staircase near the first place you meet the helicopter.
© Valve

The final Hidden Coin from Week 1 is found just before you reach the helicopter pad. As you exit the building, turn to the right, walk along the wall and then turn back on yourself and take the stairs up above the route you came out. The Hidden Coin is at the end of this path.

We’ll update this article with new missions as and when they arrive in future updates.

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