Holiday gift guide 2022 for the music-loving gamer

Make the video game audiophile in your life happy by browsing video game vinyl soundtracks and music-themed presents you could gift this year.

Audiophiles. We all know one, and they can be a right pain to buy presents for! Fortunately, for those who’re into both gaming and music, there are plenty of great gifts to listen out for this holiday season. So if you’ve got a friend who wants to level up their melodies, our holiday gift guide for the music-loving gamer is sure to provide something sweet enough to satisfy their ears.

Holiday gift guide for the music-loving gamer

Holiday gift guide 2020 for the music-loving gamer

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Vinyl Soundtracks

Vinyls are the true domain of the audio elite, and there’s little a music-lover enjoys more than showing off their collection. If your gift target owns a record player, bring some spice to their collection this holiday by gifting one of the gaming soundtracks listed below. 

Whether you’re after the heavy orchestra of The Elder Scrolls or high-paced indie beats, there are tons of quality vinyl soundtracks on offer these days, both official and in tribute. Have a peruse of the list below and feel free to pick and choose your gift target’s preferred gaming series. If you'd rather not shop on Amazon, we highly recommend checking out Black Screen Records, Zavvi, and Fangamer, several of which also feature compilations including lofi mixes of video game music.

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Headphones and Earbuds

Christmas presents for Music loving gamers 2020 earbuds

© HyperX

We’re not always afforded the pleasure of enjoying music out loud on a quality set of speakers. The next best thing is an excellent pair of headphones. If you don’t mind splashing out a bit there are plenty of great choices for PC gamers. The HyperX Cloud II Wireless is designed specifically to give PC gamers freedom, delivering pristine audio quality without any cables keeping them tethered to the desk. And if there are any Naruto fans in the house, limited-edition Cloud Alpha variants are available in Naruto and Itachi colors - so make sure you match their allegience!

PS4 and Xbox owners will also be able to make the most of their kit with the HyperX Cloud and CloudX Stinger Core headsets, respectively. Of course we haven’t forgotten about Nintendo Switch either. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lets you enjoy the entire breadth of its soundtrack while on the move, so make sure your gift target can enjoy it properly with a pair of HyperX Cloud Earbuds.

PC Gamers

Console Gamers

Sheet music

Christmas gift guide 2020 music loving gamer sheet music

© Nintendo

If they really love their video game music, why not encourage them to learn how to play it? Nintendo has some great resources with beginner piano sheet music from series like The Legend of Zelda. If you’re buying for someone more experienced, there are several different sheets to try. Check out the Amazon links below:

Spotify Premium

gift guide music fan gaming spotify
© Spotify

Video game soundtracks are pretty much all on Spotify these days, so gift the gift of premium membership and they’ll be able to enjoy the tunes they love in their own time for an entire year! Click here for the Amazon link.

A Legend of Zelda music box or Ocarina

Christmas present music box gaming 2020

© FnLy

If your gift recipient loves Zelda half as much as we do then they’ll find it tough not to grin with glee upon receiving one of these charming Zelda music boxes. After all, who wants to be Link when you could be that odd guy from OoT playing Song of Storms over and over? Here’s the Amazon link.

Okay, we get that everyone would rather fantasize about being Link, which is why you can learn to play the Ocarina for real! This pretty little instrument comes with a short collection of tracks from Ocarina of Time to practice. A great choice so long as you don’t mind hearing the recipient fail to play the same tunes over and over while they’re learning. Click here for the Amazon link.

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That's it for our holiday gift guide for the Music loving gamer. Seen any other great choices? Share them with us in the comments below! For all other holiday guides, click here to head to our gift guide hub.

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