You can buy custom Tetris shoes from Puma

This collab between Puma and Tetris has us topping out with excitement.

Tetris has been having an amazing year with the release of Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch and partnerships, including one with Puma. Teased earlier this year, the Puma x Tetris collab has been a heated topic among gamers eagerly waiting to see what the collection would look like. Now, the curtain has been pulled back, revealing a stellar lineup of wearable goods.

You can buy custom Tetris shoes from Puma 

You can buy custom Tetris shoes from Puma
The Puma x Tetris collab includes two unique shoe designs as well as some sporty pieces of apparel.
© Puma, Tetris

Browsing through the Puma x Tetris collection on Puma’s official website, the highlights are undoubtedly the shoes. Between the clean RS 9.8 in white and edgy RS-X in black, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. If we had to choose, we’d say the RS 9.8 design is what we’d personally buy given the colorful “Tetris” soles at the bottom and overall retro vibe.

What’s nice is that if you don’t have an outfit to pair with your new pair of Tetris shoes, the collection also includes a t-shirt, track jacket, and track pants. You can put together a full “sporty” look with all of these items perfect for jogging in place as you play Tetris 99. Of course, you’ll need to fork over some serious coin to buy everything in the collection as the RS 9.8 shoes alone will set you back $100 (USD).

It’s interesting to see an iconic game like Tetris get its own line of designer shoes, though. It makes us wonder what other games could use their own custom shoe designs. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a set for Death Stranding? It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing about that game, that’s for sure.

After looking at the Puma x Tetris collection, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Do you love Tetris enough to buy a pair of custom Puma sneakers? What other games should get the custom sneaker treatment? Comment below!

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