Mang0 answers 13 quick questions before winning Big House 9

The Big House 9 Smash Melee champion gives us a quickfire window into the mindset of a champion.

Joseph 'Mang0' Marquez has proven time and time again that he is an unstoppable force in the world of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Over the weekend he added yet more evidence to the pile with a nail-biting run through The Big House 9's lower bracket to eventually take the title. Making it through the gauntlet of Hungrybox, and two rematches versus Fiction and Leffen, he finally got his hands on the trophy after beating Zain in front of a packed Michigan crowd. 

Revered as one of the most aggressive Melee players in the Five Gods, he's also well-known for getting to the point without delay. So we asked the newly crowned champ a series of quickfire questions to find out what makes him tick. While a Falco main on the battlefield, it's another bird he has his eye on when it comes to his other love: American Football. And find out why the Scorpion King is next on his hitlist and what Mang0 thinks of the future of Melee.

What is your passion outside of gaming?

NFL, Philadelphia Eagles.

What were you planning to do with your life before you became an esports star?

Work in professional sports.

Who do you most want to go a best-of-5 with in the entire world? and why?

Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

In your career, what’s been your favorite fighting game to play? And how about watch?


Why do you think Melee is so enduring? What does it have that no other fighter or Smash game has?

Extremely high skill ceiling.

The top spot for Melee is hotly contested right now. Who do you think is the number one player right now, and is that likely to change in the near future?

Me, yes. [yeah, that confidence is deserved, 'grats on The Big House 9 win - Ed.]

Mang0 celebrates with the crowd after beating Zain to the top spot © The Big House 9
Mang0 celebrates with the crowd after beating Zain to the top spot © The Big House 9

How has Armada’s retirement affected the top level of Smash. Has that opened the way for other players to win majors, or were they likely to make it anyway?

It’s interesting to say, people were getting better so it’s hard to say if Armada would have kept winning.

Do you ever see Melee returning to EVO in the future?


How do you feel about the game’s future, then?

Melee will always be around because of dedicated fans.

What are your favorite Melee tournaments throughout the year?

EVO [ just said... - Ed.]

Do you think the game can keep evolving?

Yes, because of the high skill cap.

Wizzrobe won Smash ‘n’ Splash with Falcon, Axe won Summit with Pikachu. Which character do you think the community and players are underestimating right now?

Pikachu, love me some Axe.

How did you decide on your main? Is there a character you wish you could play at the top level?

I chose Falco because everyone said he was ass. I can play all characters at the top level.


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