New Death Stranding trailer shows Sam on the run

Enemies attempt to stop our intrepid mailman from delivering his boxes.

The latest Death Stranding promo trailer shows a gang of javelin-chucking enemies chasing Sam around in a pickup truck.

While we've seen many of the more supernatural enemies that Sam Bridges will have to deal with on his journey to reconnect America, these human enemies are a new threat.

Sam fires bolas from a crossbow-like gun to slow them down as they attempt to chip off the attaché cases strapped to his back using electric spears.

At the end of the trailer, we see a huge figure ripping up the earth around our hero with strands about, just in case the pickup truck chase was a little too sensible for a Kojima game.

Death Stranding is very near to release now, having gone gold a few weeks back. The game will release on PS4 on November 8, stretching Halloween on for another couple of weeks. Which we're pretty stoked about.


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