Apex Legends World's Edge map first look in new trailer

New Apex Legends map World's Edge coming in Season 3 Meltdown.

Apex Legends new map World's Edge is a mix of ice and fire for Season 3 Meltdown, here's your first look.

The new Apex Legends map, a necessary result of Crypto blowing up the Repulsor tower which kept those massive dinobeasts away, is full of molten lava and frozen chemical ice.

Apex Legends Season 3 map
The World's Edge map for Apex Legends Season 3

Set on a new planet, Planet Talos, World's Edge features a whole bunch of new environments including geyser fields and frozen tundra, with an open-top train to take you on a whistlestop tour of the place. You can see a preview of the new World's Edge map for Apex Legends in the launch trailer for Season 3 Meltdown below.

The new map will launch with Season 3 on October 1, alongside the newest member of the legend squad Crypto who shows off a few of his abilities while wiping the floor with the old chumps.

A new weapon, the Charge Rifle, will also appear in the next season. Are you excited to play on the new Apex Legends map World's Edge? Does that train look like a fun place for showdowns or what? Lets hope the final circle doesn't end up being on the tracks...


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