Where is Marin after Animal Village in Link's Awakening?

How to find Marin again after exploring Animal Village in Link's Awakening.

As you work your way through Link’s Awakening, you’ll meet up with your beach rescuer Marin at various points around Koholint Island. After the intro cutscene, you’ll wake up in Mabe Village where you can speak with Marin and learn more about your surroundings.

You’ll continue to encounter Marin off and on throughout the game as you complete tasks and objectives. However, after catching up with Marin in Animal Village, you may have a harder time finding her again. Wondering where Marin is after Animal Village in Link’s Awakening? Read on to find out!

Where is Marin after Animal Village in Link’s Awakening?

Where is Marin after Animal Village in Link's Awakening
After Animal Village, Marin can be found on a broken bridge outside of Tal Tal Heights in Link's Awakening. 
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Unlike running into Marin around Koholint Island at locations like Mabe Village and Animal Village, it’s harder to find Marin after Animal Village in Link’s Awakening. The reason for this is because Marin gets snatched up by a gang of monsters. As Link, you’re the only one who can rescue her. That said, this task can be somewhat challenging, especially when it comes down to pinpointing the exact location the monsters took Marin to.

During our time in Link’s Awakening, we were able to find Marin after she gets kidnapped in Animal Village near a dilapidated bridge just outside of Tal Tal Heights. While you can find her here at this bridge, note that you won’t be able to rescue her unless you’ve got the Hookshot ability. Once you have this, rescuing Marin is as simple as using Hookshot to reach her and bring her to safety. Simple as that!

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