How to get an Empty Bottle in Link's Awakening

The best location to pick up an Empty Bottle in the new version of Link's Awakening.

If you’ve just started your adventure in the Link’s Awakening remake, you may have questions, such as how to get an Empty Bottle. If you’ve already found an Empty Bottle, you may also be wondering what it’s used for. After all, just about everything in Link’s Awakening has a purpose, even if that purpose isn’t immediately apparent. To help expand your knowledge, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to get an Empty Bottle in Link’s Awakening!

How to get an Empty Bottle in Link’s Awakening

The quickest way to get an Empty Bottle and what to do with it once you have it in Link's Awakening.
The quickest way to get an Empty Bottle at the beginning of Link's Awakening is to fish for it. 
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In Link’s Awakening, the quickest way to get an Empty Bottle is to fish for it. To do this, you’ll need to collect Rupees (10 or more) by exploring and completing various activities. Or for us, we just whacked our way through shrubs and grass on the right edge of the village near the BowWow. Once you have 10 Rupees or more, head over to the upper left area of Mabe Village near the forest entrance.

There, you'll find a pond and standing near the pond is a Fisherman. Speak with him and exchange 10 Rupees to go fishing. As you’re fishing, you’ll notice the Empty Bottle floating around the left side of the lake at the very bottom. Using the fishing rod, hold A for an extended period of time to cast your line all the way out. Let the hook slowly sink to the bottom, then tap A a few times to pull it back to the Empty Bottle.

When you hook the Empty Bottle, you’ll need to carefully guide it back around obstacles like fish. Trust us, the fish will go for the Empty Bottle and you'll need to spend another 10 Rupees to fish again. As long as you’re able to avoid all of the fish though, you should be able to bring the Empty Bottle in.

When you pick it up, it’ll be added to your inventory for future use. If you played the original Link’s Awakening, you'll know that the Empty Bottle is a useful item capable of storing a Fairy inside. To get these Fairies, you’ll want to complete Chamber Dungeons. With a Fairy tucked away in your Empty Bottle, it’ll turn into a Fairy Bottle which can be used to restore Hearts after you’ve taken damage, regardless of whether you have it equipped or not. Note that you’ll need to replenish your Fairy after use, but again, you should be able to sustain your Fairy Bottle by completing Chamber Dungeons.

Now that you know how to get an Empty Bottle in Link’s Awakening and what it’s useful for (as a Fairy Bottle), we’re curious to know your thoughts on the remake. Is it as good as you’d hoped? Did you play the original, or is this your first time playing Link’s Awakening? Let us know down in the comments below!

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