What is the Party Hub in Fortnite?

A quick explanation of what the Party Hub is and how it works in Fortnite.

Following the v10.31 update in Fortnite, a new feature was added to the mobile version of the game called Party Hub. While Fortnite players on PC and console typically have an easier time grouping up with friends, options are limited to mobile users. Well, they were until the addition of the Party Hub, that is. Wondering what exactly this Party Hub is and how it impacts the mobile version of Fortnite? Below, we’ve put together a quick little guide that will help get you up-to-speed on the Party Hub in Fortnite!

What is the Party Hub in Fortnite?

What is the Party Hub in Fortnite?
The Party Hub is a new social feature in Fortnite on mobile that will allow you to easily team up with your friends.
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The Party Hub is a new social feature added to Fortnite on mobile. With the Party Hub, you’ll be able to see whether your friends are online and easily party up with them. Voice chat has been added, making it easier to coordinate with one another as a team. Note that direct messages aren’t available through the Party Hub at the moment, though Epic Games has noted they are working on this functionality.

To locate the Party Hub after downloading the v10.31 update for Fortnite, you’ll need to look at the bottom of your home screen while on mobile. There, you should see the new Party Hub menu. What’s nice about how Epic Games added this on is that you can transfer your mobile party from phone to console and PC automatically as indicated in the Party Hub FAQ.

Other things that caught our eye in the FAQ include steps on how to invite someone to your party from Party Hub. According to Epic Games, “You can ring your friend’s Llama Bell in many different places to invite them to your party. You can ring it from the home screen, friend screen, party screen, or the Llama Bell menu.” For more on the Party Hub, we recommend reading through the full FAQ provided by Epic Games.

With that said, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on the Party Hub and its recent addition to Fortnite on mobile. Have you tried it out with your friends yet? Let us know in the comments below! For a visual introduction to the Party Hub feature in Fortnite, we've also included a helpful video courtesy of YouTube user iRue399.

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