How to activate No Man's Sky Experimental Branch

Submit yourself to an intergalactic science trial by learning how to activate the Experimental Branch in No Man's Sky.

There was enough new stuff added in No Man’s Sky Beyond that you’ve probably not felt the need to hunt out new content until recently. Now that you’re ready for more, one thing you might want to try when playing on PC is the No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch. Joining this will allow you to receive updates from developer Hello Games before they’re released for the main game, letting you try some stuff early at the cost of potential performance issues. Want to take part? Here’s how to activate No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch.

How to activate No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch

How to activate No Man's Sky Experimental Branch
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The No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch was intended to let a limited number of players test out large changes before they’re added to the client version. However, as it’s available for anyone to join, you can hop in and test out the beta version whenever you like. 

To activate No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch is very easy and will only take you a matter of seconds. Start by right-clicking on No Man’s Sky on the Steam Library page and selecting Properties. In the menu the opens, swap to the BETAS tab and enter “3xperimental” before clicking Check Code. This should be accepted, letting you start up the Experimental Branch when you launch the game.

For clarity’s sake, here are the steps again to activate No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch:

  • Open your Steam Library
  • Right-click on No Man’s Sky and select Properties
  • Swap to the BETAS tab
  • Enter the following in the text box: 3xperimental
  • Select Check Code
  • Launch No Man’s Sky

Be warned that playing the Experimental Branch increases the likelihood of instability and crashes, so activate it at your own risk. In addition, there won’t always be an updated version to trial, but you will get the chance whenever one does arrive.

You now know how to activate No Man’s Sky Experimental Branch, letting you dip your toes in future builds of the space-faring sim. Looking for more? Visit our No Man’s Sky guides hub to find other useful tips and tricks.

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