How to emote in Borderlands 3

Learn how to emote in Borderlands 3 and let loose some character while you hunt for those Vaults.

Borderlands 3 is the kind of game that makes you want to show off. Bright colors, brash characters, and entertainingly dumb dialogue; it all begs for you to style on your enemies and show some character with your friends. To that end, you’ll certainly want to learn how to emote in Borderlands 3. Emotes let you perform several different actions to show how you’re feeling, or simply just goof around. Whatever your reason, read on to learn how to emote in Borderlands 3.

How to emote in Borderlands 3

How to emote in Borderlands 3
No, calling a mech does not count as an emote, Moz. © Gearbox

Whether you’re a console or PC gamer, learning how to emote is easy in Borderlands 3. Those shooting and looting with keyboard and mouse can activate and emote with a tap of the arrow keys on their keyboard. Yes, we know you don’t use them often, but they’re still there! Give one a tap and see what happens.

Playing on console?  PS4 and Xbox One owners can bring up a list of emotes with the D-Pad by hitting down and holding the Start/Options button. It’s an odd combo but doing this will open a menu showing all your emotes. Select one and let it loose, provided someone is still looking after you’ve figured all this out. If not, hey, at least you can appreciate that cheeky wave.

You’ll earn new emotes as you progress through Borderlands 3. Just like weapons and trinkets, emotes are just another form of loot, so keep an eye out as you open crates and mow down enemies. If you want to expedite your emote acquisition, you can also head over to the Black Market Dealer in the cargo hold of your ship. They’ll sell a range of extra emotes for you to pick up.

Congratulations on learning how to emote in Borderlands 3! You can now annoy your companions as much as you like. Now that you’ve learned such a valuable skill, why not move on to something that’ll help you win the game? Our Borderlands 3 guide hub can help you get Eridium or teach you how to change language and difficulty, Lovely stuff.

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