Warm clothes in Red Dead Online

Fight off the cold by learning how to find and equip warm clothes in Red Dead Online. so that you can venture out no matter the weather.

If you’ve spent some time exploring in Red Dead Online, you’ve likely made your way to the colder regions of the map. If you don’t dress up for these trips, it won’t be long before you’re suffering the consequences, which makes it important to learn how to dress up in the right gear. In this guide, we’ll take you through the list of warm clothes in Red Dead Online so you’re ready to head out whatever the weather.

Warm clothes in Red Dead Online

Warm clothes in Red Dead Online
Warm clothes in Red Dead Online

There’s no one item of clothing in Red Dead Online which offers perfect protection from the cold. Instead, you’re going to need to combine a selection of parts to create an outfit of warm clothes to keep you toasty out in the snow. The in-game shop details can be pretty confusing or misleading, so we recommend using the Social Club to check how warm each item of clothing is. Under the name and description of the item it’ll let you know whether it’s warm or slightly warm. 

You’ll want to put together an outfit made of multiple warm parts to protect yourself. Once you’ve purchased an item you can also check the icon in the bottom left of the screen when viewing it in the wardrobe. Not sure where to start? The following items all offer some good protection against the cold:

  • Any Gloves
  • Bison Duster Coat
  • Cavalry Gloves
  • Donegal Sweater
  • Furred Gloves
  • Millard Boots
  • Montana Coat
  • Morning Tail Coat
  • Ortega Vest
  • Outdoorsman Vest
  • Pelt Half Chaps
  • Rutledge Vest
  • Sheep Wool Coat
  • Sheepskin Vest
  • Union Suit
  • Wool Shirt
  • Woolen Sweater

The coat is by far the most important item when it comes to protecting against the cold. Take a look at the different linings and details to find the one which lists itself as warm clothing. For example, combining the Outdoorsman Vest with the Montana Coat and any gloves will likely see you warm enough for any situation. Again, check each item's warmth in the Social Club before you buy. Pants have no effect on how warm your clothing is.

Now that you know how to equip warm clothing in Red Dead Online, you’re ready to head out into the snowy hills. Feel free to have a mosey over to our other Red Dead Online guides for more useful tips

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