How to save in Borderlands 3

Keep track of your progress by learning how to properly save in Borderlands 3.

Before you jump into the latest experience from Gearbox, Borderlands 3, there are a few basics you should familiarize yourself with. Notably, the best way to save your game in order to keep track of all your progress. With the lack of a proper manual save option, most Borderlands 3 players will find themselves working around the game's auto-save mechanic. To help you make the most out of the game's auto-save, we've put together a quick guide on how to save in Borderlands 3! 

How to save in Borderlands 3

How to save in Borderlands 3
The only save option available in Borderlands 3 is an auto-save which can be triggered through a variety of actions such as completing missions and using fast travel.
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As with most modern games on the market, Borderlands 3 incorporates an auto-save feature that does most of the work for you. To trigger an auto-save, you can complete missions, reach checkpoints, and travel between areas where loading is required. In doing so, you should see a save icon appear, indicating that your progress has been preserved up to that point.

In order to ensure all of your progress is saved in Borderlands 3, we recommend triggering an auto-save before you close out of the game. Given how often the game auto-saves, this should be fairly easy to do, just keep an eye out for that auto-save icon. Based on our experience with the game, there doesn’t appear to be a manual save option for Borderlands 3.

This is similar to previous installments in the series where the auto-save took precedent over other save options. Given Gearbox Software’s previous experience with using auto-saves in Borderlands games, we have to say the auto-save feels a bit more comprehensive in Borderlands 3. Again, to ensure all of your progress is preserved, you’ll want to trigger an auto-save in Borderlands 3. For us, the easiest way was using fast travel to move from one area to another as this is quick, easy, and will automatically trigger an auto-save.

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