Terry Bogard release date for Smash Ultimate

The Legendary Wolf is on his way to Smash Ultimate, so get prepared by learning Terry Bogard's release date!

With Banjo & Kazooie out in the wild, all eyes on Smash Ultimate have now turned to its next DLC contender. Old-school fighting game fans are getting some love in the next DLC character as Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters makes his debut in the Smash arena. Want to know when you can get your hands on him? Read on to learn the Terry Bogard release date for Smash Ultimate.

Terry Bogard release date for Smash Ultimate

Terry Bogard release date for Smash Ultimate
Terry Bogard has been confirmed for a November release date in Smash Ultimate. © Nintendo

Following several early leaks, Terry Bogard was revealed as part of the September 4 Nintendo Direct, confirming his place as the fourth DLC character from Fighter Pass 1. He follows on from Banjo & Kazooie and will bring his trademark fiery powers to Smash. Terry Bogard doesn’t have an exact release date yet but Nintendo has confirmed he’ll be added in November 2019. With a couple of months to wait, you’ve probably got enough time to master Banjo & Kazooie to get them to Elite on Smash Online, right?

We don’t know too much about Terry Bogard’s characters as in the reveal video Sakurai said the Smash team isn’t quite ready to show him off extensively. However, we did get a brief glimpse at the end of the Banjo & Kazooie presentation which showed off two of his iconic special moves. As expected, he’ll be able to send flaming shockwaves across the floor using his Round Wave attack.

The September 4 Direct didn’t just reveal Terry Bogard for Smash. Along with news of Doom 64 on Switch, SNES games hitting Nintendo Switch Online and much more, we also found out that Undertale’s Sans will be getting the Smash treatment. Arriving as an impressively detailed Mii costume DLC, he comes with a brilliant new Megalovania mix you can use on a range of existing stages! 

You now know when the Terry Bogard release date is for Smash Ultimate, so get out there and play some SNK titles to get warmed up for him! Oh, and did we mention that even more DLC fighters are now planned for Smash Ultimate? Yep, looks like we’re getting a Fighter Pass 2 as well. Who would you like to see added to Smash Ultimate? Let us know in the comments below!

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