How to save in Astral Chain

Keep track of your progress by learning how to save your game in Astral Chain.

For gamers just starting out in Astral Chain, knowing how to save the game is extremely important. Not only will it preserve your progress, allowing you to jump in and out, it can also be used to preload in the event you make a catastrophic mistake. To elaborate on this further, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to save in Astral Chain.

How to save in Astral Chain

How to save in Astral Chain
Astral Chain primarily uses auto-save to keep track of your progress, though you can manually save by interacting with your PC in Neuron HQ.
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In Astral Chain, there’s a nice blend of auto-save and manual save options. As with most games, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the manual save features in order to ensure all of your progress has been properly saved. To manually save in Astral Chain, you’ll want to visit Neuron HQ and interact with your personal PC. In the PC menu, scroll down until you see the “Save” section.

Select “Save” and you’ll initiate a manual save in Astral Chain. Outside of Neuron HQ, there’s no other way to manually save in Astral Chain. Fortunately, you can trigger auto-saves in Astral Chain by completing a wide range of activities. For example, when you finish a battle or complete a File cutscene, the game will automatically save.

You’ll know the game has auto-saved when you see a “Saving” prompt along with a gear symbol on your screen. While we had no trouble with the auto-save feature, we still recommend dropping by Neuron HQ for a manual save every now and then.

Now that you know how to save in Astral Chain, be sure to check out our other guide where we break down how long Astral Chain takes to beat!

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