How to heal in Control

The Oldest House is a deadly place, so learn how to heal in Control so you can keep the Hiss creatures at bay.

Once you get to grips with it, combat in Control finds a wonderful flow as you swap between powers and the Service Weapon, but as you get to grips with the controls and systems it can prove quite challenging. Hiding behind cover will only get you so far, and if your health is running low then you need to be active to regain it. There are no medkits available here, so to help you out this guide will teach you how to heal in Control.

How to heal in Control

How to heal in Control
You'll need to face your fears and your foes if you want to heal in Control. © Remedy

There are no consumable healing items in Control, and while you’re in combat you won’t regenerate health either. Instead, you heal in Control by picking up the small parts that fly out of enemies when you kill them. These will scatter onto the floor and gravitate towards you when you move nearby. This means that the best way to heal is to take out the weaker Hiss guards and dash to the place you killed them. The parts might be surrounded by enemies, but if you sprint or use the Evade ability, you should be okay. 

You can also heal in Control by visiting one of the Control Points you have access to. Doing so will bring Jesse back to full health and somewhat reset the area around you. Make sure to visit Control Points often as whenever you die you'll be sent back to the last one you accessed.

You can increase your total health or increase the amount of health you gain from these parts by equipping certain Personal Mods. Early in the game, you won’t have much health so we highly recommend equipping one of these mods. Once you get a bit further you’ll gain Ability Points which can be spent on permanent upgrades including your health.pool. Spending a few points in this area will help you survive a bit longer as you grow accustomed to the combat.

Now that you know how to heal in Control you can begin to work your combat strategies around it. You’ll need to keep moving and taking out enemies if you want a handy healing supply. Try to remember where you took out weaker enemies so that you can fall back and heal if you need it. After more Control guides? We can teach you how to save and how to fast travel.

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