Sony unveils new lineup of DualShock 4 controllers

Get ready for Rose Gold, Electric Purple, Titanium Blue, and Red Camouflage.

For PlayStation 4 owners that love collecting new DualShock 4 variants, we’ve got good news as Sony recently unveiled several new color options. Of the four new DualShock controllers shown, our personal favorite is Titanium Blue. However, we know a lot of gamers will be quick to buy the sleek Rose Gold color, which appears to be the main staple of the collection.

Sony unveils new lineup of DualShock 4 controllers

Sony unveils new lineup of DualShock 4 controllers
Four new DualShock colors will be available this Fall including Electric Purple, Titanium Blue, Red Camouflage, and Rose Gold.
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The new DualShock 4 controllers are identical to others available on the market in terms of performance. The main difference is that you have four new colors to choose from. They’re also slightly more expensive than your standard Jet Black and Magma Red counterparts priced under $49.99 (USD). Each of the four new DualShock controller colors can be purchased for $64.99 (USD) starting this Fall.

Of the controller designs shown, we have no doubt that gamers will gravitate towards the Rose Gold color scheme. Apparently, Sony thinks the same as they’re also releasing a matching Rose Gold wireless headset. Given that the headset is priced at $99.99 (USD), it’ll cost gamers around $165 (USD) to purchase both items. In the future, we’d love to see more matching headset and DualShock 4 combos.

For example, we’d insta-buy a matching headset for the Electric Purple or Titanium Blue options if Sony decided to make them. Right now, we’re content to grab the controllers by themselves, but seeing the matching headset for the Rose Gold option gives us hope for other headset options in the future.

After reviewing the four new DualShock colors, what are your thoughts? Are you hot on the Rose Gold, or would you rather add Electric Purple to your collection? Let us know down in the comments below!

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