Where to find Prismatic Taken in Destiny 2

Get a tasty elemental bonus by learning how and where to find Prismatic Taken in Destiny 2 during the European Aerial Zone activity.

Not all of Destiny 2’s many enemies will be up for a fight immediately. Some of them require you to track them down first, which can often be easier said than done. One such enemy is the Prismatic Taken, a special enemy that rewards you with an orb when killed that grants an immediate full charge to your Empowerment. It’s a useful bonus if you’re taking on a boss, but you might need some help tracking it down. In this guide we’ll lend a helping hand (or a few words at least) to teach you where to find Prismatic Taken in Destiny 2.

Where to find Prismatic Taken in Destiny 2

Where to find Prismatic Taken in Destiny 2
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During the Solstice of Heroes, the Prismatic Taken is an enemy that can spawn in the boss phase of the European Aerial Zone activity. It’s not a tough beast to take down, but you might have some difficulty finding it.

The Prismatic Taken spawns in the same ways as a Public Event. When it’s in the area you’ll receive a notification which points out the area it has spawned in. You’ll need to have a good idea of the area to track these spots down, as your Ghost won’t tell you when you’re in an area like Ruins. If you haven’t learned the names of areas yet, hunting the Prismatic Taken is a good way to learn them, as once you find it you’ll be aware of the location name. 

Explore the area and take in how each section looks. Once you get the notification that the Prismatic Taken has spawned in a certain place, try to match the name with one of the places you looked at previously, then head that way. If you’re able to take the Prismatic Taken down, they’ll drop an orb that maxes out your Empowerment, saving you the need to collect 30 elemental orbs. That’s all the Prismatic Taken does, so fighting it isn’t even a necessity, but it is a cool thing to tick off your bucket list.

Unfortunately that’s all there really is to learn about where to find Prismatic Taken. They spawn randomly in the nearby areas during the boss phase, so it’s really just a case of watching for that notification and heading to the area it marks. For more involved Destiny 2 quests, take a look at our guides for how to get the Tarrabah Exotic SMG or The Mountaintop Pinnacle grenade launcher. After a Forge weapon? Here are all the Forge locations in Destiny 2.

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