How to get Cracked Biocrystal in Dauntless

Learn which Behemoth to fight to get Cracked Biocrystal that'll help you craft The Godhand exotic in Dauntless.

Once you get far enough in your Behemoth hunting career, you’ll find yourself looking for rarer reagents in Dauntless. One such part many players are after is the Cracked Biocrystal. Required to craft The Godhand exotic war pike, this item isn’t actually all that rare, provided you know which Behemoth to fight. In this guide we’ll teach you how to get Cracked Biocrystal in Dauntless.

How to get Cracked Biocrystal in Dauntless

How to get Cracked Biocrystal in Dauntless
Cracked Biocrystal is a common drop from the Rezakiri behemoth in Dauntless. © Phoenix Labs

You can get Cracked Biocrystal as a common drop from the head of the Rezakiri Behemoth. In our list of all Behemoths in Dauntless you’ll see that the Rezakiri is a Radiant Behemoth. At Threat Level 17, this is one of the last Behemoth’s you’ll get access to, so you may need to keep going through the quests from Katerin Sorrel and the other NPCs before the pursuit is open to you. As per elemental weaknesses, you should also make sure you’re taking an Umbral weapon to fight the Rezakiri.

The Cracked Biocrystal is a common drop from the head of the Rezakiri Behemoth. This means you need to break its face during the fight. Because the Rezakiri is a bug that likes to sit upright often, it can be quite tricky to manage this. Thankfully the drop is common, which means you should always get it (unless you receive a rarer part) any time you successfully break the head.

We recommend taking a Weapon Type with high part damage like the Sword or Chain Blades. However, it’s also a decent idea to bring someone who has a hammer along for the fight as this will let you interrupt some of the Rezakiri attacks. Successfully performing an interrupt will let your part damage dealers go to town on the head, making sure you successfully break the right part.

That’s the full deal on how to get Cracked Biocrystal in Dauntless, but we have plenty more guides for parts and exotic weapons. Be sure to check our guide for The Godhand so you know how to get the remaining parts required for each upgrade. After that, you can always move on to The Hunger or Molten Edict.

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