What the max Slayer Rank is in Dauntless

An overview of the max Slayer Rank and what to do once you reach it in Dauntless.

In Dauntless, players have the ability to level up their Slayer Rank through active play. By finding and defeating Behemoths in Dauntless, you’ll be able to increase your Slayer Rank and with it your Stamina and Health bars. Leveling your Slayer rank can be done in conjunction with the Mastery System, though this doesn’t immediately tell you what the level cap is.

How do you know you’ve reached the max Slayer Rank in Dauntless? Read on to find out!

What the Max Slayer Rank is in Dauntless

The max Slayer Rank in Dauntless is 50, though you can also increase your Mastery rank for Behemoths and weapons once you've reached the max Slayer Rank cap.
The max Slayer Rank in Dauntless is 50, though you can also increase your Mastery rank for Behemoths and weapons once you've reached the max Slayer Rank cap.
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As of right now, the max Slayer Rank is capped at 50 in Dauntless. In the future, it’s possible that additional Slayer Rank caps will be added, but until then, you’ll know you’ve capped out once you hit the Slayer Rank of 50. While playing Dauntless by itself can be fun, it’s worth taking the time to increase your Slayer Rank.

Not only will increasing your Slayer Rank expand your Stamina and Health bars, you’ll also earn Mastery Cards and have access to Cores and stronger weapon mods. The main way to increase your Slayer Rank in Dauntless is by working through the Mastery System to complete quests and challenges appropriate to your current Slayer Rank.

Through this Mastery System, you’ll take on Behemoths, craft new gear, and increase the Mastery rank unique to each weapon and Behemoth. Yes, weapons have their own Mastery rank as do Behemoths. When you craft a new weapon or encounter a new Behemoth type, you’ll automatically unlock a Mastery Card which can be inspected in your Main Menu.

With these Mastery Cards come objectives which, when completed, increase your Mastery rank. For example, dealing damage to a Behemoth or crafting its armor. Other ways to track your Mastery and progress in Dauntless include the following (text courtesy of Phoenix Labs):

  • Slayer Level: Your current Slayer Level.
  • Behemoth Mastery: Your current Behemoth Mastery level. This measures your Mastery of all Behemoths, not just the one you’re currently viewing.
  • Reward Preview: This is the reward you’ll receive when you reach your next Mastery level.
  • Objectives: Completing objectives raises your overall Slayer Level and the Mastery level related to the card.
  • Progress (Check Box): Complete an objective to mark it as complete.
  • Progress (Bar): Objectives that require multiple hunts or steps will have a progress bar next to them. Fill the progress bar to complete the objective and earn a check mark.
  • Progress (Counter): Another way of measuring your objective progress.

If you’ve reached the max Slayer Rank, it’s also worth leveling up the Mastery Cards for various Behemoths and weapons. Stay tuned, as we’ll be updating this guide as new Slayer Rank goals and forms of progression are added to Dauntless. Until then, be sure to check out the full Mastery breakdown from Phoenix Labs.

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