Epic Games hosting Mega Sale

Save big on games in the Epic Games Store during the Mega Sale.

Epic Games is hosting their first ever sale with massive discounts available on all titles including pre-orders. From now until June 13, gamers can save up to 75% on exclusive games like Hades from Supergiant. Right now, you can add Hades to your Epic Games Store library for just $6.99, a beefy discount from its typical $19.99 price tag. What’s more, Epic Games is offering an additional $10 off to gamers who make a purchase of $14.99 and above.

Epic Games Hosting Mega Sale

Epic Games is hosting a Mega Sale with discounts on all games including pre-orders of John Wick Hex.
Epic Games is hosting a Mega Sale with discounts on all games including pre-orders of John Wick Hex.
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The Mega Sale feels reminiscent of the seasonal sales on Steam, though Epic Games has flaunted the ability to eat the cost of its discounts, noting that things like the additional $10 off comes at “no cost to the publisher or developer.” To top everything off, Epic confirmed they’ll be issuing automatic refunds to customers who purchased a game prior to the Mega Sale, giving them back the difference paid.

Even new games boast special offers, with pre-orders of the recently announced John Wick Hex reduced from $19.99 to $7.99. Quantic Dream games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human can also be picked up at a discount ahead of their release on the Epic Games Store. Interested in Borderlands 3? Pre-orders are $10 off, dropping Borderlands 3 from $59.99 to $49.99.

Enjoy free games? Epic has held true to their promise giving away a new game every two weeks, with the latest game available for free download being Stories Untold. Note that any game you pick up for free will be added to your library on the Epic Games Store and is yours to keep forever. Previous games given away for free include indie gems like Slime Rancher and Super Meat Boy.

Despite the backlash received by the Epic Games Store, the company’s revenue split and unique offers including free games and discounts on pre-orders show the storefront isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. After looking at the Mega Sale discounts, what are your thoughts? Do you love the Epic Games Store, or do you still prefer Steam? Let us know down in the comments below!

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