Celebrate Game of Thrones season 8 with these incredible gaming chairs.

Pledge your loyalty to your favorite house for the Iron Throne with these epic gaming chairs from Secretlab.

While many Game of Thrones fans are currently sobbing their eyes out over the newest - and final - season of the hit HBO series, the team over at Secretlab have been cooking up something special. Just revealed is a new line of professional gaming chairs that makes pledging one's loyalty to their favorite house of Westeros even easier - even if the Starks are the clear picks. 

"On top of having an epic storyline, Game of Thrones' aesthetics and art direction are both unprecedented and phenomenal. Our designers, being huge fans of its aesthetics, came up with a few GoT concepts that looked so amazing that we had to reach out for a collaboration involving our award-winning chairs. GoT fans can now watch the much-awaited Season 8, repping their favourite houses, while reclined on our ultra-comfortable chairs," said Ian Alexander Ang, CEO and co-founder of Secretlab about their latest collaboration.

Secretlab's Omega and Titan chairs provide the basis with personal touches reflecting House Stark (did we mention they're the clear choice?), House Targaryen, and the infamous Lannister House. 

According to the gaming chair company, these new chairs are "equipped with the models' award-winning features, such as the multi-tilt mechanism, four-directional armrests, Secretlab's signature cold-cured foam as well as the Secretlab TITAN's model-exclusive inbuilt, fully-adjustable lumbar support and the Secretlab OMGEA's highly-acclaimed memory foam lumbar pillow."

Jon Snow may know nothing, but we know these chairs are beyond epic and make the perfect addition to any household. 

You can learn even more about the epic new gaming chair line right here to choose your house and brace for Winter. 

With an arguably unhealthy obsession with Dragon Age and Mass Effect, Liana is wildly passionate about all things in the gaming community. From shooters, to RPGs, if it's out - she's playing it.


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