How the Alliance System works in Anthem

Everything you need to know about the Alliance System in Anthem.

Once you complete Anthem’s main campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the game’s social components, and learn more about the Alliance System. Many have noticed the presence of the Alliance System in Anthem, but are uncertain as to what exactly it does. To help simplify everything, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how the Alliance System works in Anthem.

How the Alliance System Works in Anthem

The Alliance System in Anthem awards XP and Coins for participating in multiplayer activities and playing alongside your friends.
The Alliance System in Anthem awards XP and Coins for participating in multiplayer activities and playing alongside your friends.
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In Anthem, multiplayer is the main component of the game with numerous activities available including Free Roam, Legendary Missions, and Strongholds. While trying your hand at these multiplayer activities in Anthem, you have the ability to earn Coins via the Alliance System. After you complete a Mission, the Alliance System awards experience points with bonus points awarded for each additional player you play with.

The Alliance System has different tiers that can be unlocked by earning XP, with this XP also counting towards your main level progress. By reaching one or more of these tiers, players will be able to earn special rewards, with Coins awarded to you on a weekly basis. To increase the number of Coins you earn, you’ll want to bump up your native friend’s list by sending out friend invites in Anthem.

As long as you regularly participate in online activities in Anthem with friends and other players (particularly Missions) the more XP and Coins you have the potential to earn through the Alliance System. Using Coins, you’ll be able to purchase things from the Vanity Store.

For example, you can exchange Coins for cosmetic items such as emotes and animations. You can also use Coins to purchase Weapon Parts and upgrades for your Javelin. There are tons of ways to earn Coins in Anthem beyond the Alliance System, though it’s nice to know that you’re given rewards for simple things like playing alongside your friends.

Anthem is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. For more on Anthem, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including how to earn Coins fast in Anthem, how to mute other players in Anthem, and how to get the Legion of Dawn armor in Anthem.

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