How to fish in Far Cry New Dawn

Learn how to get a fishing rod and go fish in Far Cry New Dawn.

The Hope County of Far Cry New Dawn may have plenty of sights to keep you occupied, but don’t forget to kick your feet back sometimes with a relaxing activity like fishing. Those who played Far Cry 5 will be happy to see fishing return again in New Dawn, but in case you’re new to the series or just a bit rusty, this guide will teach you how to fish in Far Cry New Dawn.

How to fish in Far Cry New Dawn

How to fish in Far Cry New Dawn
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You may well be able to head out and start fishing any time in real life, but in Far Cry New Dawn you’ll first need to unlock the appropriate Perks. The Fishing Rod perk is visible on the Perks page of the game menu, but you’ll need some Perk Points in order to buy it. You’ll be completing the challenges for these a whole bunch in the early stages of the game, but if you want to know exactly what’s needed for fishing, open up your menu again and swipe over to the Challenges tab to check out some of the easier tasks you can do to earn them.

Buy the Fishing Rod perk and one will be magically spawned in your inventory, no crafting required! Swapping to it is as easy as using your weapon wheel to select it. You can now make your way to a sizable river or lake and cast the line. Catching fish will give you perk points, letting you make back the price you spent on it.

The Fishing in Far Cry New Dawn isn’t all that deep, but if you’re really into it then consider purchasing the Outdoor Enthusiast Perk (it’s next to the Fishing Rod perk in the top right corner). This will make it far easier to reel in fish once you’ve hooked them, saving you a lot of time.

Now that you know how to fish in Far Cry New Dawn, you should have plenty of chilled out time to read up on some of our other guides like how to fast travel!

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