How to Perfect Guard in God Eater 3

Learn the art of defence with our guide on how to Perfect Guard in God Eater 3.

Dodging is a useful skill in God Eater 3, but sometimes you’ll need to block attacks instead, and for those times it’s important to learn how to Perfect Guard. In the later stages of the game, knowing how to do a Perfect Guard becomes nearly essential when tackling the tougher enemies. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to pull off this stylish move, in this guide we’ll teach you how to Perfect Guard in God Eater 3.

How to Perfect Guard in God Eater 3

How to Perfect Guard in God Eater 3
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A Perfect Guard is when you time your block perfectly to match the enemy’s attack animation, countering the attack entirely. Landing this consistently requires learning the attacks of all the enemies you face to know when their strikes land, but also a good sense of timing too. It’s not easy by any means, but if you start practising from the beginning of the game you’ll be a master by the time it’s required.

The basics of landing a Perfect Guard are the same as blocking with a shield which is as simple as pressing R1 + O on your controller (PS4). Your shield will block attacks it faces while you hold it up, but simply blocking isn’t enough for a Perfect Guard. To land this extra special defensive move, you need to deploy your shield right as the enemy strikes. If you’ve played other titles like Dark Souls, think of this as comparable to parrying. It’s a small window and there really isn’t much more advice we can give through text, but if you practice it enough, you’ll master it eventually.

The real key to mastering the Perfect Guard is to not get annoyed when you mess it up. If you beat yourself up each time you fail, you’ll only make your timing worse. In the case of Perfect Guard, practice really does make perfect, so test it out against the game’s weaker foes to develop the skill.

Now that you know how to Perfect Guard in God Eater 3, you’re set for the length of the game. We have other guides to help you out along the way, such as where to find a first aid kit for Sho in God Eater 3.

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