Red Jewel Art Room statue puzzle solution - Resident Evil 2

Learn how to solve the Art Room statue puzzle and get the Red Jewel using the Red Book in Resident Evil 2

As you explore the R.P.D. station in Resident Evil 2, you may come across the Art Room and its mysterious red jewel statue puzzle. That statue’s missing arm is sitting right next to it, but you’ll need more than this to complete the puzzle. In this guide we’ll explain how to get the red jewel by solving the Art Room statue puzzle.

Red Jewel Art Room statue puzzle solution

The Art Room is located on the second floor of the station in the east wing, but before you head there, you’ll want to pick up the red book first. This is a key item you’ll need to solve the puzzle, but it’s also very easy to miss. Here's where to find it:

Red Jewel Art Room Statue puzzle solution in Resident Evil 2
Here's where to find the red book © Capcom

The red book is located in Library, as shown in the image above. It’s sitting on the corner of a desk just to the right of the door back to the Main Hall. You’ll need to have the Spade Key to reach this, and you’ll know you’ve entered as Marvin will radio Leon to return. Pick up the book, then use the Spade Key to unlock the door and re-enter the Main Hall.

After speaking to Marvin (or not), head to the Art Room (2F) via the upstairs door on the east side of the Main Hall. After you pass through the Waiting Room, turn to your left and the Art Room door will be a short distance ahead.

How to get the Red Jewel in Resident Evil 2
© Capcom

Inside you’ll find the key card needed to get the Shotgun on a desk, and also a large statue holding a Scepter. The statue’s missing arm will be sitting just to the right of the statue itself. Pick it up ang combine it with the red book, then place them on the statue itself. The arm will rotate and allow you to take the Scepter.

How to solve the Art Room statue puzzle in Resident Evil 2
© Capcom

While a Scepter is cool and all, it’s not what we’re here for. Inspect the Scepter and rotate it to find the hidden switch. Hit the button prompt and you’ll be rewarded with the red jewel.

How to get the red jewel in Resident Evil 2
 © Capcom

The Red Jewel won't do anything on its own, but further down the line you'll be able to combine it with a Bejewelled box and work on unlocking the powerful Lightning Hawk Magnum.

Congratulations on Solving the Red Jewel Art Room statue puzzle! We have plenty more Resident Evil 2 guides available for you, including how to open Leon’s Desk locks for the Matilda upgrade.

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