Kingdom Hearts 3 epilogue won't be available at launch

Key story points will be added a few days after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

With gamers quick to leak spoilers across social media, a unique approach is being taken to preserve the story integrity of Kingdom Hearts 3. Rather than release the game in full, players will have to wait a few extra days to view the game’s true epilogue. According to Square Enix, both the epilogue and “secret movie” which ties everything together will be made available a few days after the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

In confirmation, Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura stated that the post-launch epilogue will contain “the biggest spoilers” for the game. Using this method, gamers who gain access to the game early in Japan starting January 25, and those who power through the campaign on January 29 should be unable to immediately spoil the ending and “ruin” the game for those who’ve yet to complete it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue Unavailable at Launch

An epilogue and "secret movie" for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made available a few days after the game's release.
An epilogue and "secret movie" for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made available a few days after the game's release.
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To unlock all of the story information, players will first need to complete the Kingdom Hearts 3 campaign and meet a series of requirements, though these requirements have yet to be specified. Once we learn what these requirements are, we’ll be sure to post an update. Right now, what is known is that the final pieces of the Kingdom Hearts 3 story will roll out starting on January 29 with the 1.01 patch.

After that, the game’s epilogue will debut on January 30 followed by the release of the “secret movie” on January 31. Below, we’ve summarized the post-launch content updates for Kingdom Hearts 3 as specified by Square Enix.

  • January 29: Update 1.01 for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made available and contains a special Memory Archive feature which players can use to watch a synopsis of the Kingdom Hearts story arc. This gives players the chance to catch up on the events of previous Kingdom Hearts titles and better understand the story presented in Kingdom Hearts 3.
  • January 30: Epilogue video for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released. Only those who’ve completed the Kingdom Hearts 3 campaign and watched the main story ending will be able to access this epilogue video.
  • January 31: The “secret movie” for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released. Only players who’ve completed the campaign and fulfill a list of special requirements will be allowed to watch the “secret movie” for Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix teased that these requirements are based on the difficulty level players choose for the game, though no further information has been provided.

After learning that the full Kingdom Hearts 3 ending will be unavailable at launch, what are your thoughts? Are you alright with waiting until January 30 for the epilogue and January 31 for the “secret movie” in order to truly complete Kingdom Hearts 3? Are you happy that gamers will be unable to spoil everything the day of release? Let us know down in the comments below!

Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Japan starting January 25 and worldwide on January 29.

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