How to build a ship in Atlas

Learn how to build your first ship in Atlas with our guide to constructing a sloop!

Sailing is a huge part of Atlas, and while the fastest way to get out on the ocean is by buying a ship, it won’t be long before you start looking to build your own. The process is pretty involved and will take up a good chunk of your time and materials, but the result is well worth the effort. In this guide we’ll teach you how to build a ship in Atlas.

How to build a ship in Atlas

How to build a ship in Atlas
Building your first ship will take some time if working alone. © Studio Wildcard

There are a huge range of ships available in Atlas, but the first proper on you’re likely to build is the Sloop. This is a multi-stage process that involves constructing and piecing together different parts of the ship. Before you can do this however, you’ll first need to unlock the Shipwright skill and construct a Small Shipyard. You’ll find the Shipwright skill in the Construction and Mercantilism tree, and after gaining it you can visit a Smithy to build a Small Shipyard. Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Fibers - 240
  • Stone - 105
  • Thatch - 420
  • Wood - 840

Establish your Small Shipyard in a deeper region along the waterfront (make sure the bottom of the Shipyard can touch the bed though), then use it and you’ll be able to see what you need for the Sloop’s base. Of course you can always collect these materials in advance too. This is what you’ll need:

  • Fibers - 110
  • Metal - 8
  • Thatch - 180
  • Wood - 120

Pop these inside your Shipyard and you’ll be able to build the basic frame of your Sloop. While this works, you might want to head off to collect more ingredients, as while the frame is neat, there’s plenty left to do before you can sail it! You now need to build the final parts of your ship at a Smithy. In the case of the Sloop, this is a number of wood panels, a deck piece, a steering wheel and some wooden ceilings.

How to make your first ship in Atlas
There's nothing like the freedom of the waves. © Studio Wildcard

Visit him to check the materials needed, then set off to collect them all. This will take some time, but once you’ve finished, return to the Smithy to build the parts you need. Head back to your shipyard and add the wooden panels and decking to complete the ship’s hull. You can now add a steering wheel and wooden ceilings where you like. There are other optional additions like a staircase to access the lower level, but you don’t need them immediately to sail.

There’s one key component to any sailing ship that we’ve omitted thus far, and that’s a sail. As a small ship, the sloop doesn’t have much room for multiple sails, so your best bet is to build one Medium Speed sail instead.

You’ve now finished building your first ship in Atlas and are ready to sail the seas in search of adventure! While you’re out there, make your travels easier by reading our other Atlas guides. Here’s how to build a taming pen, while over here you can learn how to tame a bear. Having trouble with vitamin levels? Our friends over at Shacknews have some helpful advice for staying topped up!

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