Marvel Heroes closes more than a month early

An unexpectedly swift end.

Marvel Heroes has been shut down over a month ahead of its originally date.

Gazillion Entertainment, the closed development studio behind the title originally planned to close the free-to-play game on December 31, but the Marvel Heroes Twitter account posted a message November 27 announcing the immediate closure.

The game is no longer available to download and it’s website and Steam store pages have been deleted. The situation has left many players hunting for a refund. The game only launched on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year, and no reason for the closure has officially been given by either Marvel or Gazillion.

It appears the console release didn’t sell as planned, and Marvel have since pulled the plug. Former gameplay engineer at Gazillion, Andrew Hair has since posted on Twitter regarding the consumer upset, stating that the developers were not paid back for PTO (paid time off) or severance. A messy situation all-round then, sadly.

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