Call of Duty: WW2 microtransactions go live

Use them to buy Rare Supply Drops.

Loot boxes may have sent Battlefront 2 into meltdown and drawn criticism from lawmakers and gambling commissions, but that hasn't stopped Sledgehammer Games and Activision ploughing ahead with the introduction of COD Points to Call of Duty: WW2, with the game's own version of microtransactions now live for your buying pleasure.

COD Points work in much the same way they did in previous installments, allowing you to buy Rare Supply Drops in Multiplayer and Zombies modes. Rare Supply Drops cost 200 COD Points, but there's also a one-time Starter Bundle that gives you three drops and a couple of 25% XP boosters for 500 COD Points.

All of this stuff is available through the menus or the Headquarters social space, and you can buy COD Points in these different increments:

  • 200 COD Points - $1.99
  • 1100 COD Points - $9.99
  • 2400 COD Points - $19.99
  • 5000 COD Points - $39.99
  • 9500 COD Points - $74.99
  • 13,000 COD Points - $99.99

Call of Duty: WW2 was released to rave reviews, including a very positive write-up from this prestigious organ, but it has also encountered tech issues in the weeks since launch, prompting Sledgehammer to take steps like disabling leaderboards and making Headquarters a solo experience until problems could be eased. That seems to be the case now, and so COD Points are next on the agenda.


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