How to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest

Find out how to lure Dratini to your base camp with different recipes in Pokemon Quest.

Players have had quite a while now since getting their hands on Pokemon Quest, learning the ins and outs of Tumblecube Island. Understandably, those who progress further are more interested in earning the specific Pokemon they’re looking for. One popular little Pokémon many players are looking for is the eel-like Dratini, and in this article we’ll teach you the best ways to lure them to your camp. Read on to discover how to get Dratini in Pokemon Quest

How to Get Dratini in Pokemon Quest

As per usual in Pokemon Quest, you’ll need to lure Dratini to your base camp by cooking up certain recipes. There are a few different recipes you can use to attract Dratini, all of which create the Blue Soda a la Cube. You can find all the relevant recipes below:

Blue Soda a la Cube recipes

  • Recipe a: Bluk Berry (2), Icy Rock (3)
  • Recipe b: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (3), Tiny Mushroom (1)
  • Recipe c: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (3), Apricorn (1)
  • Recipe d: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (3), Fossil (1)
  • Recipe e: Bluk Berry (1), Icy Rock (4)
  • Recipe f: Icy Rock (4), Tiny Mushroom (1)
  • Recipe g: Icy Rock (4), Apricorn (1)
  • Recipe h: Icy Rock (4), Fossil (1)
  • Recipe i: Icy Rock (5)

Blue Soda a la Cube has a good chance of Dratini to your camp, but can also lure a few other Pokemon. Remember that when cooking these recipes you won’t get Dratini every time. If you’re struggling for ingredients, try swapping between the different recipes as you can use any of those listed above until you get the desired Dratini. There are other Blue Soda a la Cube recipes in the game, but we haven’t confirmed that you can obtain a Dratini with them.

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