Destiny 2 - Light Level Cap

Start working towards the maximum Light Level in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has a unique levelling system compared to other games. While Destiny players will be familiar with the intricacies, new players might find it a bit complicated at first. The important thing to know is that you should always be working toward reaching the Light Level cap.

Destiny 2 Light Level Cap

The current max Light Level in Destiny 2 is 300 Light, but this can only be attained through end-game Activities. For those who are new to Destiny 2, players have a level that can be increased all the way to level 20 – which is the current max level in Destiny 2. This level is used to unlock new Class Abilities such as Supers, Grenades and Perks.

"Light Level" is now called "Power" in Destiny 2, and is still the average of your Weapon Attack and Armor Defense stats.
"Light Level" is now called "Power" in Destiny 2, but is still the average of your Weapon Attack and Armor Defense stats.

Light Level, however, is a number that represents your overall power and takes into consideration your Armor’s Defense and your Weapon's Attack levels, along with your Ghost and other items. In Destiny 2, Light Level is now simply called "Power", but for simplicity's sake, we'll keep using the term "Light Level". Every piece of gear you get in Destiny 2 will have a Light Level attached to it, and the higher Light Level armor you equip, the higher overall Light Level you will be.

For instance, if your Helmet is Light Level 100, and everything else is Light Level 200, your overall Light Level will be around the 130-150 mark, as your Helmet is lowering the average. Swap that Helmet out for a Light Level 200 Helmet and you’ll find your overall Light Level increases.

It’s important to know what piece of gear is the weakest so you can purchase something better. By replacing low Light Level gear, you can increase your deadliness and how much damage you can take.

By simply playing the Story missions until the very end, you can get into the 100s if not 200s, but you will need to complete Strikes, Nightfalls, Public Events, Lost Sectors, Crucible, and other Activities if you want to reach Light Level (or Power) 300. Check out our Destiny 2 hub for more guides and secrets!

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