Destiny 2 - How to Get Your Abilities Back

After losing your Light in Destiny 2, you’ll need to find a to get your Abilities back.

After Dominus Ghaul sends you off home with your tail in between your legs, you’ll find your Guardian without Light, which means no abilities. This obviously leaves you incredibly vulnerable, and for the first time, not immortal, so you will need to find a way to get your abilities back.

How to Get Your Abilities Back

With the Tower under siege by Ghaul and the Red Legion, Destiny 2 doesn’t exactly start you off with a hero’s welcome. Depending what class you choose to start as (Warlock, Hunter, or Titan) you will have a different subclass at the start of the game, with only three abilities unlocked: jump, grenade, and super. However, these are soon removed and you will have literally nothing but your guns.

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Head through the campaign until you reach the section with the Shard of the Traveler.

To begin the process of getting back your abilities, and unlocking some brand new abilities in Destiny 2, you will need to progress through the main mission until you reach The Farm in the European Dead Zone.

From here, talk to the vendors or head straight to Hawthorne to begin the question to get your abilities back. The quest you want to begin is called, “The Red War”, and the mission is called, “Spark”. This mission tasks you with exploring a previously uncharted zone in the EDZ called, Quarantine Sector 236, it’s here that you will find a Shard of the Traveler.

Feel the new power of the Light flow through you!
Feel the new power of the Light flow through you!

Fight through the mission until you reach the Shard and then let Ghost do his thing. You will gain your newest Subclass (Dawnblade, Arcstrider, or Sentinel) and will then need to fight against a wave of enemies.

Upgrade Points are rewarded every time you level up.
Upgrade Points are rewarded every time you level up.

Be sure to use the pools of Boundless Light to quickly recharge your Super. Once the waves are cleared, you will level up and receive your first Upgrade Point to spend on your Class Ability. Every level-up rewards you with an Upgrade Point, and after the first one, you are well on your way to unlocking all your abilities.

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