When Does Destiny 2 Come Out for PC?

The PC release date for Destiny 2 is not the same as consoles.

Guardians, I think we can all agree that the Destiny 2 PC beta has been a huge success. The game is running well on a variety of gaming PCs both young and old, with even the harshest critics praising how smoothly things have gone. This, no doubt, will see a bump in Destiny 2 pre-orders on PC, which has many wondering, when does Destiny 2 come out for PC?

When Does Destiny 2 Come Out for PC?

Destiny 2 will launch on the PC on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. This is more than a month after it will have released on the PS4 and Xbox One, which puts gamers like myself in a tough spot. There’s no way I can wait the six or so weeks between the console and PC release, and not just because I’m weak and will cave. I write for a living, and not being able to write about Destiny 2 for six weeks after it launches would be a bad career move.

However, something tells me that I’d be buying it for PS4 and PC even if I didn’t need it for work. I sunk more than 1,000 hours into the original Destiny, most of which was for pleasure, not work. How am I supposed to be okay from September 6, 2017, until October 24, 2017, knowing that people are busy kicking Ghaul’s ass in the Leviathan raid? What about all the Exotic weapons and armor I’d be missing out on?

No, I’ll be snagging Destiny 2 on PS4, and then again on PC when it comes out. This of course leads me to consider what version I’ll be getting for myself. I already have the Digital Deluxe on pre-order for PC, but maybe I can get away with a lower price for the Standard Edition on PS4?

I’ll sort that out, but at least now you have an answer for when Destiny 2 will come out for PC. You can find a lot more answers about Destiny 2 if you keep it locked on Tank War Room. We’ll be covering every inch of the game from now until… Destiny 3, most likely.



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