PUBG - How to Buy Battle Points

There’s a way to buy Battle Points in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds - and it’s legit.

For those who struggle to earn enough BP in PUBG will be pleased to hear you can buy Battle Points. Buying Battle Points in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds isn’t a straight-forward process like purchasing currency in other games, but it can be done, and better yet, it’s completely legitimate.

If you don’t want to buy Battle Points, check out our guide on how to earn more Battle Points through playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It covers the different factors that go into your end-game earnings.

How to Buy Battle Points

Make it rain Battle Points by buying them through the Steam Market!
Make it rain Battle Points by buying them through the Steam Market!

While some people will be happy with merely playing PUBG to get Battle Points, sometimes you just don't earn enough per-game - especially in Squads. If you want Battle Points, and aren't averse to spending a little bit of money, there is one way you can legally and ethically buy Battle Points – and it involves using the Steam Market.

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Every piece of cosmetic clothing you receive in PUBG is worth a set amount of Battle Points or BP. These items can also be sold on the Steam Market. If you have a few dollars spare, you can buy up a whole lot of low-cost items and then recycle them in-game to earn more Battle Points. While it's not as simple as buying 10,000 BP for $10, you can scoop up a lot of items to tide you over.

You will need to know the value of the items you're buying to ensure you get the best value for money. Ultimately, you want to purchase items that have a high BP value but a cheap dollar value. Items like those with a Red-tag (skirts and such), are worth a lot of BP but they cost several dollars, if not hundreds of dollars.

These are a few of the clothing items that you can buy and sell on the Steam Market, which can in turn be recycled for Battle Points.
These are a few of the clothing items that you can buy and sell on the Steam Market, which can in turn be recycled for Battle Points.

It’s going to take some math work, but figuring out what’s better to buy will lead to greater amounts of Battle Points. For instance, a Grey-tag item on the Steam Market might be 1-cent more expensive than a Black-tag item, but they recycle for twice as many Battle Points. In this case, it’s actually better to buy the slightly more expensive item in bulk than it is to buy the cheaper item.

  • Black-tag – 30 Battle Points
  • Grey-tag – 60 Battle Points
  • Aqua-tag – 120 Battle Points

Let’s say you want to buy 700 Battle Points using Black-tag items. Black-tag items are worth 30 Battle Points, so you will need to purchase 24 of them to reach the 700 BP goal. If the Black-tag items cost $0.05 each, buying 24 of them will cost you a total of $1.20.

Once you have your 24 Black-tag items, launch PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or refresh the UI and head to the Character tab. Look for the items you’ve just purchased, right-click them, and click the recycle icon to trade them for Battle Points.

If you take the time to calculate value-for-money, you can actually improve how much you spend. Another example are the Punk Boots, an Aqua-tag item that recycles for 120 Battle Points. As of this writing, they cost $0.13 on the Steam Market. You will need 6 of them in order to reach 700 Battle Points. This means you only need to spend $0.78 – a saving of $0.42 over some Black-tag items.

Keep in mind that this is entirely dependent on the Steam Market, as the prices of items fluctuate, so will the cost of Battle Points. Though this method isn’t the cheapest way to get Battle Points, it can be useful if you want a few more BP but don’t have the time to play another game. Those who are opposed to this method, remember that anyone who buys Battle Points using the Steam Market, is paying you real money!

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