LawBreakers - How to Play the Assassin Role

Dash around with your Arc Blades and learn how to play the Assassin in Lawbreakers.

This Lawbreakers guide will show you how to play Assassin, the fast-moving offensive character is Lawbreakers. Ok, everyone is fast in Lawbreakers, but the Assassin class has even more mobility options to keep your opponent’s guessing. Read on for the best tips for Assassin in Lawbreakers.

Assassin Class Quick Tips

  • Use your Grapple to move to a gunfight, then your Dash to win it.
  • The Arc Blade’s 3-hit combo does more damage with each landed hit.
  • Use your Grappling hook to flank outside of the map, a very small dot will appear on your reticle when it is over something that can be grappled to.
  • Drop your flux grenade on objectives to push away capturing enemies; it’s not designed for damage.

Assassin Class Abilities

Arc Blades

The Arc Blades are dual machetes and are the primary weapon for the Assassin in Lawbreakers. The Arc Blades will heal you as you deal damage.


This energy shotgun has two firing modes. The first mode will fire individual projectiles like a semi-automatic, while the other is a charged shot that releases the entire magazine at once.


The Dash is, well, a dash. You can Dash in any direction.

Flux Blast

The Flux Blast grenade will knock back enemies and even incoming projectiles.


Frenzy performs a spinning attack as soon as you activate it, reveal enemies and will buff Arc Blade damage and life steal.

Lawbreakers – Assassin Guide

In other games, the highly mobile, offensive characters are meant to slay around the objective and thin out the enemy before they reach the goal. However, the Assassin in Lawbreakers is quite capable of hanging out in the objective.

The life steal properties of the Arc Blades make it easier to take on multiple enemies, and the Flux Blast is meant to frustrate enemies trying to cap a point. Your frenzy ability is also great in a crowded room, so dash in and activate it.

Once you have an objective room cleared, the Assassin can actually do a good job of holding the space with the Romerus Shotgun. Use the single shot mode to spray down tight hallways. The high rate of fire and crazy fast reload times of the Romerus will force enemies to find a new way in. If the enemy does manage to find a way past your Romerus, well you want them close to your Arc Blades anyway.

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