7 Most Popular Tanks of July 2017

These tanks were used the most for the month of July.

Several factors can influence a player’s personal favorite tank; power level, a certain niche, its coordination with their play style, or an overused meme (I’m looking at you, TOG II). In this article we’ll be taking a look at the North American server’s most popular tanks for the month of July 2017, starting from seventh place and working our way upwards.

The following stats are thanks to vBAddict.net.

M18 Hellcat

While it certainly doesn’t retain its former glory from before the rebalance, the Hellcat seems to remain a favorite in the hearts of the players. Maybe it’s the historical value the tank holds, or perhaps it’s because a top speed of 72 km/h with a 22.71 hp/t ratio is too hilariously fun to pass up.

The small profile and respectable view range of the Hellcat allows it to spot its own targets and pick them off from the safety of concealment better than most, while the excellent top speed of the tank allows it to relocate whenever necessary. Not only this, but the turret allows you to pre-aim and peek corners much easier than most other tank destroyers can, or alternatively it can be used to keep equipment like binoculars up when engaging various targets.

The poor traverse speed, armor, and firing parameters are something to take note of, however. Without sufficient positioning and use of game mechanics like concealment you could find yourself becoming unstuck rather quickly.


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