Highest DPM Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks

Who cares about camouflage or raw damage when your DPM is amazing?

Tank Destroyers are known for their ability to obliterate an enemy player with ease, often using only one shot. However, there are times when a single shot from a Tank Destroyer isn’t enough, so you have to rely on its DPM to get you your kill.

In these situations, it can be helpful to have a TD with a high DPM (damage-per-minute). The following are the highest DPM Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks, allowing players to dish out more damage than any other vehicle.

These stats are thanks to Tanks.gg, and take into consideration standard armor-piercing rounds only and ignore any Premium tanks. If you see any discrepancies in this article, please let us know. Personal DPMs will vary depending on your tank setup, skill selection, and crew member training.

Highest DPM Tank Destroyers – Tier 6


Starting off the Tier 6 selection is the German TD, the Nashorn. When equipped with its 8,8 cm Pak top gun, it offers an incredible DPM of 2,458. These shells deal 240 damage with 203 mm of penetration. 

Jagdpanzer IV

Also known as the Jg.Pz. IV, this German vehicle boasts a DPM of 2,549 when equipped with the its top gun, the 8,8 cm Pak L/56.

AT 8

The AT 8 is a British TD known for its excellent gun selection. However, players who are looking for pure DPM will want to equip its top gun, the 75 mm AT Gun Mk. V. This armament offers an incredible 2,992 DPM with standard munitions.

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