5 Best Tanks for Ramming

High speed and lots of armor make these tanks ramming monsters.

Ramming another tank and watching it explode is one of the most satisfying moments a tanker can encounter during their World of Tanks career. Ramming is all about using your tank’s weight, armor, and speed to crush another tank by sheer force.

While ramming isn’t an ideal strategy to employ in every match, there are situations where you should consider ramming. However, the key to a successful ram is using one of the best tanks for ramming in World of Tanks.

We can’t fit every tank onto the list, but if you think we missed an obvious one, let us know in the comments!

Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E

Sure, smaller tanks aren’t usually the best tanks for ramming, but at low-tiers, the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. E (Panzer III / Pz. III) can be a force of nature. With 30 mm of frontal hull armor and an upper speed of 68 km/h, the Panzer III can blitz around the battlefield and smash other unsuspecting players.

Despite being a low tier tank and a small one at that, the Panzer III can deliver a surprise to the enemy in the form of rams!

However, to make the Pz. III a successful rammer, it absolutely needs some proper Equipment and Consumables. Light tanks as fast as the Panzer III are usually best fitted out with Equipment for active scouting, but slap on a Spall Liner and you’ll find the Panzer III becomes its own deadly HEAT round.

For a low-tier tank, the Pz. III is an excellent rammer, but only if you manage to secure a spot as a top-tier tank in a match. Another tip when deciding to use the Pz. III as a rammer is to target tanks weaker than yourself. Slamming head-first into a heavy tank will only result in heart ache as you burst into flames.

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