Best British Tank Lines in World of Tanks

Learn about some of the best British tank lines you can play in World of Tanks.

The guide will show you the best British tank lines in World of Tanks. The British tech tree is one of the newer additions to World of Tanks, and a nation that doesn’t have too many tank line options. The German tank lines and USA tank lines have several options, but there are those who want to support the Allies.

British Medium Tank Line

The British Medium tank line is home to several fast Mediums that work well as flankers.

The British Medium tank line is one of the most popular lines to go down in the British tech tree, second only to the Heavy tank line. Most of the Medium tanks in the British tech tree stick around for a few tiers before transforming into a Heavy tank or Tank Destroyer tank line.

If you find yourself enjoying the British Mediums, spend some time venturing down the Heavy tank and TD lines, as the Medium tanks found prior are worth playing (except for the Grant).

Starting at Tier 6 with the Cromwell, the main Medium tank line of the British nation concludes with the Centurion Action X, a decent Tier 10 vehicle.

The Cromwell is lauded by many as an extremely favorable tank to play. It offers high mobility and maneuvrability, fast speeds, and acceptable view range and camouflage, allowing it to play as a scout. Best used in close-range flanking, the Cromwell needs to get in close and around an enemy’s blindside, as it suffers from poor armor.

The Centurion Action X is the final point of the British Medium tank line and a decent vehicle all round. It does suffer from module damage, especially on the ammo rack, so learning what skills to get first is critical.

With thick (198mm) and sloped turret armor, the Centurion AX can reliably go hull down to protect its weaker hull. In saying this, thanks to its fast speeds, the Centurion can get itself around the battlefield with ease.

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