Prey Speedrun Completed in Under 10 Minutes

It's possible to finish Prey in less time than a coffee break.

Prey has only been out for five days, and there are already speedrunners who have completed the game in less than ten minutes. It’s fun to watch talented speedrunners beat their personal bests as their completion times get faster and faster, and that’s precisely what has happened with Prey speedruns this week. 

One Prey speedrun uploaded by Bjurnie on YouTube shows them completing the game in just under ten minutes, with a final completion time of 9:22. This holds the record for the fastest Prey speedrun so far, with the previous record times posted by the same person not too long before this. Check out this impressive Prey speedrun in the video below. 

Just before Bjurnie uploaded their record breaking run, another popular speedrunner who goes by DraQu online posted another quick Prey speedrun, which had a completion time of 10:52 and is DraQu's current personal best. We’ll include the video for DraQu’s Prey speedrun as well so you can compare the maneuvers used in both. 

A common strategy amongst speedruners is to use glitches to cut corners and reach sections of the map that would not be unlocked until much later. Both of these Prey speedruns utilize the GLOO Cannon to scale up walls and reach out-of-bounds areas outside the space station. Loading screens are also not factored into the speedrun time, as they are not a controlled part of the speedrun itself. 

These two Prey speedruns also opted for the “A Mind Without Limits” ending, as they both chose to destroy the Typhon rather than destroying the space station. Prey has multiple endings with different after credits scenes that depend on the choices players made in the game, and perhaps this ending is just the quickest of them all.

A sub-10 completion time for a Prey speedrun is certainly impressive, but given how quickly the record times have been broken in just a few days, it might not take much longer for someone to pull off an even faster Prey speedrun. We’ll be sure to report on any faster Prey speedruns that crop up.


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