Prey - How to Get the Disruptor Stun Gun

Where to find the Disruptor Stun Gun in Prey.

This guide will show you how to get the Disruptor Stun Gun in Prey. The Disruptor Stun Gun is a handy little gun that can stun enemies, rendering them motionless for a short duration, giving you time to attack or escape. The Disruptor Stun Gun can be easy to miss, so here’s exactly how to find it.

How to Get the Disruptor Stun Gun

The Disruptor Stun Gun in Prey is a useful tool for temporarily stopping human and Typhon enemies.

To get the Disruptor Stun Gun in Prey, you will need to escape Morgan’s apartment and work your way through the Simulation Labs. After leaving the Simulation Labs, you will enter the main section of the Neuromod Division where you will be directed to collect your first Neuromod.

Neuromods are extremely important in upgrading your abilities, there’s also a way to get unlimited Neuromods in Prey to help make yourself unstoppable.

After escaping your apartment and making it to the Neuromod Division, collect the GLOO Cannon and kill the Mimics.

As you enter the Neuromod Division, you will find the GLOO Cannon on the ground near a body. Pick it up and take it into the next room. Kill the Mimics in the room to make it safe and then prepare to use the GLOO Cannon.

Use the GLOO Cannon to create stairs leading up to the upper level, this is where you will find the Disruptor Stun Gun.

On one of the walls, use the GLOO Cannon to create a set of stairs so you can climb up to the upper level. You can do this by aiming at the wall and firing globules of GLOO at the wall on a diagonal. Morgan can use the climb ability on the GLOO as well; this makes it easier to climb faster.

In one of the corners are a bunch of crates and a dead body.

When you make it onto the upper level, look for the crates and the billboard. Below this is another body. Near the body you will find the Disruptor Stun Gun. Be sure to loot the body to collect any extra ammunition for the Disruptor Stun Gun.

Collect the Disruptor Stun Gun from the ground and search the body for extra ammunition. 

While the Disruptor Stun Gun isn’t the most powerful gun in Prey – there are weapons like the Shotgun or the Q-Beam which are super powerful – the Disruptor Stun Gun can be charged and fired at the Typhon to stun them a short time. If, after charging the shot, you decide you don’t want to fire, simply press X or Square to cancel the shot.

If you read this guide, you should now know how to get the Disrupter Stun Gun in Prey.

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