Tank Gawd It's Friday - Weekend Plans in World of Tanks

Got any plans for World of Tanks this weekend? Let us know!

Welcome back to another Tank Gawd It’s Friday. In this series, we answer a question about World of Tanks or another topic on Friday to prepare for the weekend ahead. The best part about this series is the fact that we can hear from you, our readers. We’ll start the conversation by answering the question ourselves, but we encourage everyone to answer in the comment section below. 

We will also select our favorite comment to win an M4 Improved bundle in World of Tanks. Along with the tank, the winner receives a garage slot, some gold, a few days of Premium time, and personal reserves. 

Note: The contest is open to North America PC players only, and your response must be on the article itself, not Facebook or Twitter.

Question: What are your weekend plans in World of Tanks?

Sam Chandler:

I’m a simple man who enjoys the simple life, so my weekend plans for World of Tanks are equally simple. With the release of the Thunderbolt, I’ve been enjoying rolling around as a Tier 6 Medium with far too much armor and shells that I find can penetrate my enemies with ease.

I’ll be spending some more time in my beloved Thunderbolt, but I also want to try my hand at working down some USA tank lines. The newly added Light tanks make for an appealing goal, so I might spend some time grinding down the USA tank lines.

This will be a good opportunity to test out how the new Light tank spotting changes are going. There’s been a bit of hubbub in the community about how Light tanks are being overthrown by Medium tanks, so I think I need to spend some more time learning how to scout and potentially comparing the two tank types and seeing if one is clearly better than the other. 

But then I’ll jump back on my Thunderbolt and have some fun!

Bill Lavoy: 

I’ve slowly been trying to get more familiar with Heavy tanks, so I think that I’m probably going to dive a little deeper into that. Specifically, I need to become more familiar with the routes that I should be taking in Heavy tanks, and paying more attention to how each tank should be played. In a nutshell, I need to learn just about everything there is about Heavy tanks and how they play on each of the maps. Up until now, I had been taking my time with that, playing a round or two each time I logged on. This weekend, however, I think I’ll dive in a bit more and make some progress.

Larryn Bell:

I'm a creature of habit, so when I hop onto World of Tanks this weekend, I will probably play all of my favorite Heavy tanks first until I get the first win of the day in each. This can sometimes take up my entire play session, depending on whether my team can pull off a victory or not. There always seems to be crew that needs training, which motivates me to keep playing in my Elite vehicles, even though everything is unlocked.

I want to get to a point where each of my favorite tanks have the best equipment and a fully trained crew, which requires quite a lot of play time. I occasionally will stray from my favorites to try new things, of course, so I will probably put in some time with the new Thunderbolt as well this weekend.

Now we're throwing the ball to you. Let us know in the comment section below this article what your World of Tanks plans are for this weekend. A solid answer just might win you an M4 Improved bundle!

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