Prey - All Safe Codes

Here’s how to find the keycodes to unlock all safes in Prey.

This guide will show you all safe codes in Prey. Players can use codes to unlock safes that contain valuable or important items. Some safes have a set keycode that never changes, while other safes will have a randomly generated keycode for each player. This guide will explain where to find the keycode combinations for each safe in Prey, and will specify the set keycodes for certain safes where applicable.

We have organized this list of safes by their general location on Talos I. Each section will start with the safe keycodes that are set and never change. The rest of the safe keycodes can be found by reading notes or listening to audio recordings in the surrounding area.

You will also need to find all the passwords for the workstations and all the keycodes for the doors.

Neuromod Division

Debriefing Safe

The safe is found in a side room shortly after escaping your apartment. The safe code is 5150.

One of the first safes you'll come across in Prey is located in the Simulation Debriefing room, shortly after you escape your apartment. This is the first safe in Prey and one that you could easily never open. The Debriefing safe code is 5150.

This code isn't hidden anywhere around the room, it's actually hidden within the recorded message you watch once you reach Morgan's office. Watch the recording and look to the left of the screen to see the code clearly written on the whiteboard.

Talos I Lobby

Security Safe

Another safe you can find in Prey is located in the Security Room in the Talos I Lobby. The Security Room can be accessed early in a similar way to get a shotgun early. Head to the back-right of the Lobby and climb onto the yellow pipes. Crouch walk along these pipes to arrive above the Security Room.

Drop down and into the Security Room and look behind you to find the safe. The safe code can be found by looking for a book in the office. This book has a reference to Judges 5:26 from the Bible, and reading it will give you the safe code: 0526. Make your way back to the safe and unlock it using this code.

Dr. DeVries’ Safe

This safe in Prey is inside Dr. Hendrick DeVries’ office at the Trauma Center in the Lobby. The Trauma Center is one of the more difficult areas to tackle when you first start the game, so be careful.

The Trauma Center has two high-level Phantom patrolling the area, so be careful when looking for the safe code.
Two high-level Phantom patrol the area, so be careful when looking for the safe code etched into the wall of the cell.

Find Dr. DeVries’ office in a side room and locate the safe. The code to Dr. DeVries' safe is 7324. To get this number, you will need to head into one of the locked rooms where a mind-controlled human is being kept. This worker has scratched the code into the wall of the cell.

Mathias Kohl Hidden Safe

Another safe is hidden in the office of Mathias Kohl in the Trauma Ward. Head into Khol's office and use his computer to start a new behavior test.

Go to the workstation in the front of the office and answer the questions in the following order: A, C, B, A, C. Doing this will lift a painting up in the room, gaining you access to a safe. The safe will unlock once you interact with it - no safe code necessary!

Hardware Labs

Dr. Thorstein’s Safe

This is one of the more fun and clever ways that Prey hides a safe code right in front of you.
This is one of the more fun and clever ways that Prey hides a safe code right in front of you.

As you enter the Hardware Labs area, you'll arrive through an open-floor plan office space. In Dr. Thorstein's office is a safe that can be unlocked by finding a yellow sticky note with some letters on it. This sticky note has the letters "Es & Xe", which is the shorthand for two elements, Einsteinium and Xenon. Thorstein has a periodic table in the room, so you can use that to find the code, or cheat and just take it from us. The code is 9954.

Ballistics Lab Safe

This safe is found inside the Ballistics Lab via the Hardware Lab. To find the keycode for the Ballistics Lab safe, look for a note beneath a grate in the corner. You’ll need to level up your Leverage skill to Leverage I in order to move the object out of the way. It appears that the code changes, so no point in us giving it to you. You can find the safe in another corner of the room, just behind one of the Workstations.


Magnetosphere Control Room Safe

To find the Magnetosphere Control Room safe keycode, you need to head to the Magnetosphere Restroom. Look on the shelf in the restroom with rolls of toilet paper on top. Move one of the rolls out of the way to find a note with the Control Room safe keycode. However, if you don't want to hunt down this note, the safe code for the Magnetosphere Control Room Safe is 9754.

Crew Quarters

Dr. Calvino’s Safe

Dr. Calvino’s safe keycode is 0523. Found by listening to the Notes 3 audio recording on the workstation.

Deep Storage

Deep Storage Safes

There is more than one safe located in Deep Storage, but the same keycode works for both. To get the Deep Storage safe keycode, you’ll need to read a note found on the back of Danielle Sho’s workstation in the Command Center.

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay Security Safe

To get the keycode to unlock the Cargo Bay Security safe at Cargo Bay A, all you have to do is talk to Sarah Elazar. She’ll set you up with the keycode.

Life Support

Security Station Safe

To get the keycode to the Security Station safe, read the note on Erica Teague’s body nearby.

Talos I Bridge

In the Captain’s Loft on the Bridge, you’ll find a safe. The Bridge safe keycode is found on a note beneath a book on the desk.

Talos I Exterior

Dr Igwe’s Cargo Container

Though this isn’t a safe, we figured you might be looking for the keycode for this container anyway. The keycode is 2312.

Cavino's Safe

You can see Calvino's body floating at the top of the image and the safe one floor below it.

This is another safe in Prey that's outside of Talos I. You will find this safe in the hull breach area near where you Calvino's body. Exit Hardware Labs using the airlock, and float to the right. Enter the hull breach and look for the safe. You will need Hacking III in order to open it up. Inside you'll find two Neuromods and a Nullwave Transmitter.

Most keycodes in Prey can be found on notes throughout the environment. If it’s a particular workstation you’re trying to access, head over to our guide for finding all the workstation passwords in Prey. If you read this guide, you should now know all safe codes in Prey.


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