Prey - All Workstation Passwords

How to find employee passwords for accessing workstations in Prey.

While keycodes are required for unlocking various safes and rooms in Prey, players need to obtain employee passwords in order to access various workstations and security stations throughout Talos I. If hacking workstation terminals isn’t your strong suit, follow this guide to learn where to look for each workstation password in Prey.

Passwords are randomly generated and will differ from game to game, so we can’t just tell you what the password for each workstation is. We can tell you how to find a password, though. Employee passwords will often be scribbled on paper near the workstation itself. When in doubt, search the area around the workstation for any notes that contain the workstation employee’s password.

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We’ve organized the passwords below based on the location of the workstation in Talos I. If you’re looking for keycodes instead, check out our guides to finding safe keycodes and room keycodes in Prey.

Neuromod Divison

Marco Simmons’ Password

Simmons’ password is pretty easy to get. Simply search the area around Simmon’s workstation in the Simulation Debriefing room and read the note to obtain the password.

Security Station Password - On the same note beside Divy Naaz’s body where you got the Security Booth keycode, you’ll find the password to the Security Station as well.

Talos I Lobby

Jason Chang’s Password - Jason Chang’s workstation is in the Executive Offices. Look for his password on a note attached to the workstation.

Hardware Labs

Small Scale Testing Password

To get the password to the Small Scale Testing workstation in the Hardware Labs, look for a clipboard on the floor near the workstation and read the note attached to the clipboard.


Julien Howard’s Password

To obtain Julien Howard’s password, you must look for Iris Stein's body in the Arboretum. Near the body is a note that contains Julien’s password.

Crew Quarters

Abigail Foy’s Password

Locate Abigail Foy’s cabin in the Crew Quarters on Talos I. To find the password to Abigail’s workstation, look for a note underneath her desk.

Deep Storage

Ivy Song’s Password

Locate Zachary West’s workstation in the Corporate Information Technology area of Deep Storage. Read the note next to his workstation to obtain Ivy Song’s password. This note also contains the keycode to the stairwell.

Cargo Bay

Gus Magill’s Password

Locate Gus’ desk in the Shipping and Receiving area of the Cargo Bay. Look underneath the phone near his desk to find a note that has Gus’ password on it.

Life Support

Price Broadway’s Password

Locate Price Broadway’s workstation in the Water Treatment Facility. There’s a note inside the supply crate near the workstation. Open the supply crate and read the note to get Price Broadway’s password.

Passwords are key to obtaining important files and information from workstations throughout Talos I. Locked safes can also contain valuable items for players to loot. If you read this guide, you should now know how all Workstation Passwords and codes in Prey.


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