Prey - All Keycodes for Doors and Rooms

Find the keycodes to unlock every room and door in Prey.

In Prey, players can unlock the doors to various offices and rooms throughout Talos I by using the correct employee keycode. The other option is to hack the keypad, but this won’t be necessary if you’ve got the keycode handy. For this guide, we’ll tell you where to find keycodes to unlock the doors to each room or area in Prey. Be sure to check out our guide on where to find all the workstation passwords!

Like the safe keycodes, some keycodes are set and never change, while others are randomly generated. In the list below, we’ve organized the keycodes based on the room’s location on Talos I. The unchanging keycodes are listed first in each section where applicable.

Neuromod Division

Security Booth

Found on the note that’s next to Divya Naaz’s body when you return to the Nuromod Division foyer later in the game. This code gets you into the Security Booth.

Talos I Lobby

Morgan Yu’s Office

The keycode to Morgan Yu’s office is 0451. This is a set keycode that does not change.

Holding Room

To get into the Holding Room in the lobby, use this keycode: 1129.

I.T. Department

To access the I.T. Department in the Talos I Lobby, enter the keycode 0913 on the keypad.

Volunteer Quarters

On Bianca Goodwin’s workstation in the Executive Offices, read an email titled “Volunteer Attitude”. This email contains the keycode to access the Volunteer Quarters.

Pilot’s Lounge

On Octavia Figgs’ TranScribe device in the Staff Lounge, listen to the “This Isn’t a Drill” recording to get the Pilot’s Lounge keycode.

Hardware Labs

Director Thorstein’s Office

On Thadeus York’s workstation, read an email titled “You’re in Charge” go acquire the keycode to Thorstein’s office.

Machine Shop Supply Closet

Locate the workstation in Small Scale Testing. To get the password to access the workstation, look for a note attached to a clipboard on the floor near the workstation. Access the workstation and read an email titled “If You Need Supplies” to obtain the keycode to the supply closet in the Hardware Labs.

Talos I Exterior

Machine Shop Supply Closet

There is another supply closet on the exterior of Talos I. To get the keycode to this supply closet, you’ll have to track down Dr. Calvino’s TranScribe and listen to the recording titled “First Thing Tomorrow”.



To get into the Psychotronics Armory, use the keycode 8714. You may also get this keycode by sparing Aaron Ingram’s life.


Maintenance Tunnel

The keycode to the Maintenance Tunnel is found on a note on the body of Kimberly Bomo.

Crew Quarters

Fitness Center

There are two ways to get the keycode to the Fitness Center. First, you can head to the security station in the Crew Quarters and read an email titled “New Gym Code”. This contains the keycode to access the Fitness Center. The other option is to read a note in the Cabins B Restroom.

Mail Room

To get the Mail Room keycode in Prey, you must locate Anders Kline’s habitation pod in the Crew Quarters. Read the note found in the pod to obtain the Mail Room keycode.

Freezer Keycode

In the Crew Quarters Kitchen, watch the cook unlock the freezer to get the freezer keycode for yourself.

Executive Suites

There are three ways to obtain the keycode to the Executive Suites in the Crew Quarters. The first option is to read the email on Will Mitchell’s workstation titled “Food Request”. You could also get the keycode from the note attached to the table in the Recycler Room.

Your last option to get the Executive Suites keycode is to access Emma Beatty’s workstation in the Fitness Center and read the email titled “Personal Training Session”. However, this will require you to have unlocked the Fitness Center already.

Deep Storage

Stairwell Keycode

To get the keycode to the stairwell in Deep Storage, simply read the note beside Zachary West’s workstation in Corporate Information Technology. This note also contains Ivy Song’s password.

Power Plant

Reactor Room

The keycode to the Reactor Room in the Talos I Power Plant is 3845.

Parts Storage

To obtain the keycode to Parts Storage in the Power Plant, you must obtain Duncan Krassikoff’s TranScribe device and listen to a recording titled “Keycode Change: Parts Storage”.

Life Support

Storage Room

The keycode to the Life Support Storage Room is found on a note in the Oxygen Flow Control Room.

Keycodes can also be used to unlock various safes throughout Talos I. Head over to our guide for finding all safe keycodes in Prey to start unlocking safes and obtaining valuable items.


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